Simple and reliable core-banking system

for Microfinance Institutions and Banks


Great user experience is our priority. We know what the pains are.

Built from scratch by a team with many years experiences in microfinance and banking industry. The simplicity and performance are our core philosophy.

Stop losing money and your business opportunity with crappy system.

Here are some main features that Morakot VB offers.

Customer Management

Customer is important to your business as ours. We carefully design customer module.

Teller Function

We understand how important front-office service is. Morakot VB  has Vault Management, Till Management, Cash Deposit, Cash Withdrawal, Till-to-Till Transfer.

Multi Branch

Morakot VB supports up to 999,999 branches. We have no idea when you reach that number. Each branch has their own financial report. Yeah, you can also do inter-branch transaction.


Limitless of account product from Drawdown Account, Savings Account to Term Deposit


Accounting system is integrated. Your transaction is automatically posted. You can define your own chart of account. Manual journal entry module is also available.

Multi Currency

Yes, Morakot VB supports multi-currency. A currency table helps you setup your currency properly. You can also provide money exchange service to your clients.


From Loan Application, Approval Process, Loan Contract to Repayment Schedule Generation.


Reporting Tool

If you asked how many report Morakot has, I would say that it is “Unlimited”. With the reporting tool, you can design your own report as many as you want.


System Administration

Morakot VB is fully configurable. Customize the Menu Structure and User Access Right; Defining how Morakot VB handle your default loan, How interest is calculated and so much more.

No installation is required. All you need is a browser.

Runs in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 10+  on any operating system

Are you ready?

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